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UNO coworking space

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UNO coworking space




UNO is positioned as a “Business Enabler” for entrepreneurs and start-up business in Hong Kong. In UNO, we dedicated to deliver a brand new “office user” experience to our business members which definitely beyond their imagination.


With a revolutionary concept of maximizing the utilization of business resources, UNO provides not only well furnished office environment to our members, but also multiple meeting and event locations, opportunities for business networking and collaboration.




The name UNO stands for our core values:


U : stands for “Unity”, an one-stop-shop service approach to fully enable our members to kick-off their business 


N: stands for “Networks”, which not only limited to business connections, but also resources, knowledge base and education


O: stands for “Offices”, our revolutionary concept of multiple working locations, as well as equipment and utilities.


“More than an office, wider than a co-working place”with continuous development of additional UNO sites, we enhance our members’ mobility and flexibility to run and expand their business


Our services


  • 24-hour Access

  • Hi-speed Wifi Internet
  • Hotdesk and Common Area
  • Conference-Room
  • Event Places
  • Office Utilities
  • Mailing Services
  • Personal Locker
  • Business Mentorship
  • Printing Photo copying Scanning Services
  • Pantry Service Lounge Area Access
  • Priority Event Invitations
  • Intellectual Properties Advice
  • Company Registry & Accounting Services
  • MPF Advice