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Jokkolabs Bamako

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(223) 73 12 08 96 ;

(223) 20 21 05 87


Founded in late 2012, Jokkolabs Bamako is located in the residential area of Hippodrome.

We provide the followings to co-workers:

  • Shared working space (12 seats) with A/C.
  • One meeting room equiped with display, white board and A/C.
  • Two terraces for phone calls and chill.
  • One kitchen space with a fridge and unlimited access to Water, Coffee, Tea and Malian Tea.
  • One toilet.
  • Redundant electricity power (everything except A/C, fridge and copier).
  • Redundant Internet connection (3x384kbps).
  • Soft drinks are available next door.



Hippodrome, Rue 240 Porte 1068

BPE. 3713 Bamako, Mali

Tel: (223) 73 12 08 96

Email: rgaudin@jokkolabs.net



50m away from École Nelson Mandela in Hippodrome quartier.

Between École Nelson Mandela and Miniprix mini market.