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Power House Contenga

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Welcome to Startup Getaway Bali



Coworking and Coliving in Bali! A perfect getaway destination for entrepreneur and startup heroes around the world and feel the productivity boost from a personalized, healthy and tranquil environment to provide you with everything you need to succeed in your career and personal enterprises, while enjoying the natural splendor of Bali’s rice fields, white beaches, ancient temples and vibrant cultural heritage.


By choosing the Startup Getaway Bali you will immediately benefit from our collective of passionate entrepreneurs, experienced experts and other inspired professionals living and working together to create highly innovative technical products.


Our spaces consists of cozy villas we called, The Power Houses; provides resources, infrastructure, network, training, coaching, funding, access to investors and a great culture exclusively for inspirational, entrepreneurial people.

Startup Getaway Bali is a place and a concept. It’s a place to share your passion, vision, goals, life lessons and artistic impulses. A place to work, to play, to move, to eat healthy and to meet people like you, who dare to dream and to see their dreams through without sacrificing life.


Most of all, Startup Getaway Bali is about building great things together and having fun while we are at it!


We provide 24 hour ROOM space and OFFICE space package.

We, the PH gang, are delighted and honored to welcome you here!


Visit our website and JOIN US!!

For more inquiries on room availability, shoot us an email on contact@startupgetaway.co