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Coworking was introduced to the city of Reading, PA in March/April 2012

with the opening of the T.E.A. Factory Co - 580 Willow Street, Reading, PA

(the same year the city ranked-the poorest city in the United States-pop.88k)


T.E.A. Factory Co

580 Willow St 

Reading, PA 19602

484-222-0832 (0tea)

Founders/Partners: Cindi Abribat, Peter Mitchell and Bala Peterson.


The Big Idea: 

The T.E.A. Factory Co members believe that it's not o.k. to sit back and watch as our city declines into poverty and hopelessness.

We believe that creativity -tapping into everyone's talent, passions and gifts-is the key to breaking out of the poverty mindset.

We also believe that by bringing left and right brained people ( Tech, Education and the Arts-aka-T.E.A.) together in the same space

and fostering connections and relationships across diverse cultures and skill sets 

we will shift the story from one of poverty and despair to one of inspiration,

creativity and prosperity.  We look forward to a bright future with limitless possibility.