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The Team

Page history last edited by Katie Hurst 8 years ago

Jacob Sayles - Project Director

Jacob has been a volunteer for the Coworking Wiki since 2008. After years of approving new users and deleting spam, he developed a strong desire to make the Coworking Wiki a better place for everyone involved or interested in coworking. Jacob realized that in order for the Coworking Wiki to keep up with the movements growth and still demonstrate the key values of coworking, a team needed to be assembled to provide the Coworking Wiki ongoing dedicated support. Jacob is the co-founder and owner of Office Nomads, a coworking space in Seattle, WA.

Chelsea McClain - Fundraising Manager

Chelsea McClain is heading up the fundraising efforts for the Coworking Wiki Project.  When she’s not working on the wiki, she is also the All-Purpose Superhero at Office Nomads, Secretary of the Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance, a freelance bookkeeper, burlesque producer/performer, part-time baker and perhaps has just the slightest tendency to over-commit. Nevertheless, she is looking forward to reaching out to coworking spaces all across the world to cultivate support for this project, because she is passionate about creating connections between collaborative spaces.

Alexandra Kruse – Volunteer Coordinator

Alexandra is the Coworking Wiki Upgrade Project’s new Volunteer Coordinator. She has been working on planting the seeds for community at Office Nomads for couple of years now and rocks the title of Lead Community Cultivator. When not talking about coworking, she is usually tinkering with her bicycle or nerding out about math. Now she’s adding the Coworking Wiki Project to her list. She feels strongly about the possibilities for the wiki as an upgraded gateway for folks into the coworking community and is happy to be part of the team.

 Jeannine van der Linden - User Coordinator

Jeannine is handling resource updates and editorial privileges for the Coworking Wiki. A resident of two nations and a southerner in both, Jeannine can be found in Oosterhout, The Netherlands and/or in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  In the Netherlands, she is the owner, chief cook, and bottle washer for Kamer52, a coworking community.  She is also, as far as anyone can work out, the first and only American to become a part of the organization of a Carnaval Crewe in North-Brabant, where she handles PR and social media accounts for the Kaais Zomercarnaval. In the United States, she is a recovering lawyer (inactive) and consults with other lawyers on Civil Appeals, Civil Litigation, Contract Review, and Litigation Prevention. That means she knows a lot about how to sue folks, how to prevents folks from hiring somebody like her, and what to do if somebody already did.

Katie Hurst - Team Coordinator

Katie has relied heavily on the Coworking Wiki since her first day as an operations director for the Gangplank Chandler workspace in Arizona. Now as her day job duties have evolved into running a network of Gangplank spaces and staff, Katie looks at her role with the Wiki Project as an opportunity to learn more about coordinating efforts on an international scale, as well as time to give back to the resource that started her off.

Kyle Fisher – Communications Coordinator

Kyle is a Community Builder at NextSpace, in addition to being in the final stages of preparation before the official launch of his own coworking venture, Corilla. Outside of coworking, Kyle writes, plays music, runs, rides bikes, and does pretty much anything else that allows him to express his inner nine year old. He’s excited to spread the good word about the wiki and other Open Coworking initiatives in hopes that more people will join the movement and find out for themselves that work environments don’t have to suck.

Ashley Aspiranti - Directory Coordinator

Ashley works closely with The Coop and Desktime in Chicago, where she is well known for taking excessive iPhone photos of the office dog, Eli. She is also the Coworking Wiki Upgrade Project’s Directory Coordinator, which seems fitting considering her lustful architectural eye and obsession with list-making. She enjoys working remotely and is passionately curious about how and where others work. Her coworking weakness? Any workspace combining exposed beams, high ceilings, reliable wifi, inviting ambiance, and free coffee.