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The new coworking space TodoList

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This page is aimed at being a reminder of things that a new coworking space should think, do or is advised to do before or when opening. Think that it's the day - 5 before grand opening, the landlord just gave you the keys, you have a big stack of money to spend, what's next ? In categories (furniture, network/electricity, pens, paper and similar, members centric posters and information cards, ... -please add any missing category-) rated from "critic" to "optional". Of course all paperwork with local authorities and all is considered off topic here.


Advices about the kind of places to look for some stuff to get it cheaper, or which ones to avoid could be interesting too.


The idea is to give a heads up notice to new owners about what is critical stuff and what is not, what is usually forgotten in The Plan (tm), and help avoid useless trips to the local [place swedish furniture company name here] or [place local DIY shop name here].


Critical Nice to have  Optional 


  • Successful coworking spaces focus on developing a community before opening, even if it's only 7-10 members.  Ways to do this include:
    • Create a meetup group
    • Create a crowdfunding campaign
    • Work with a university, economic development agency or the like to develop a group

IT Person

  • Good to consult with someone knowledgeable prior to setting up your wifi network

Community Manager 
IT Person 




  • simple : planks and simple wooden legs (cheapest -> DIY)
    • Finished 4x8 ft finished plywood tops with 'picnic table' style legs are <US$200 ea. to make and seat six 
  • ready to use desks from Ikea, Alinea or equivalent
    • If you go the Ikea route, give careful consideration to your choice, make sure you get something that will stand up to lots of use 


  • don't scrimp - comfort is key.  Lots of used office supply places have comfortable desk chairs at reasonable prices.

Ergonomic chairs

Standing desks (for dedicated use)

lockable storage

Cafe Tables
Cafe chairs 


Overstuffed chairs
Coffee table

End tables

IT equipment 

  • network switch (go for a big 16, or 58 ports ? or is there some good affordable, extendable options out there ?)
  • wifi access points (some names of reliable, "we've been using it for 4 years, it's working perfectly" stuff ?)
  • lighting (kinds)
    • pendant lighting is most effective.  There are inexpensive 'deals' out there.  Shop around 
  • electric (power strips (big ones or medium ones?
  Wifi repeat points 

Conference table

Conference chairs (8-12)

Meeting room table

Meeting room chairs (4-6)



Markers that work 


Projecting screen


VOIP equipment


Coffee Machine

  • Good quality, easily maintained

Hot Water

  • Many distributors of spring water offer models that have instant hot for tea, cocoa, etc.

Water cooler


  Kitchen utensils 
Good software management system