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Former Spaces

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This page lists for operators/owners who have sold off or renamed their coworking entity, closed a location, or otherwise moved on.  We bid you farewell and good luck with your future endeavors.  But first, please add some notes to clarify why you closed your location, or anything else to help others learn from your experiences. 


So, What Can I Do Here? 

Here are a few steps for you to get involved here: 

  1. Update the page for your space so we know in which stage of closure it is.
  2. Inform the community on the public Google Group mailing list. We all realize this is probably a difficult time so we all will understand however you go about announcing your exit.  Every one of us is in the same social experiment.
  3. List yourself below as a mentor...someone to be called upon if any further questions arise.  “Fail often to succeed sooner.” (IDEO company slogan)  


Former Spaces 

List yourself here:








  Julie Duryea Portland, OR Souk LLC n/a relocation 
  Todd O'Neill San Antonio, TX C4 Workspace Todd O'Neill lack of business
  Steve Guberman Union, NJ
Converge Coworking
Steve Guberman lack of business
  Felicity Chapman Bay Area Cubes&Crayons    
  First Name, Last Name City Website if applicable email address Why did this space close?