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Page history last edited by jasoncaffee 9 years, 11 months ago

My name is Jason Caffee.  I recently relocated back to my hometown in Hartsville SC and I am planning a co-working space here.  Until today, I was unaware that a community to support co-working even existed.  Cheers!!

Prior to moving back to Hartsville, I operated a co-working space and community gallery/venue in Columbia, SC called The (art) Garage.  We focused more on artists and musicians and we hosted touring bands in our common area frequently.  I have been drafting plans to take the basic model from that space and adapt it to support the vibrant community of artists, entrepreneurs, and small business owners here in Hartsville.  I have the support of the Mayor and many prominent business owners, community members, and real estate developers.  I currently hold positions on our Downtown Development Association board and on our city's Economic Development Task Force.  I have found a space here with an ideal size and location and I have talked the current owners down to half of their original asking price.  I have gathered a core group of participants and co-workers.  All of the organizational groundwork has been laid and now I am at the point where I need start up capital.  I am hoping to find some guidance and possible investors here.  I have a business outline as well as a series of "on deck" business launches that our community has gathered together to help launch through the co-working space.