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Page history last edited by COWORKLISBOA 8 years, 9 months ago

Hi there!


I'm Fernando Mendes, running COWORKLISBOA since February 2010. We are at LX Factory in Lisbon [ www.lxfactory.com ].

COWORKLISBOA is now a 700 sqm open-space for 52 desks plus meeting-room, lounge, kitchen (kind of) and free coffee and bottled water. We also expanded the concept to a new room filled with 17 nano-studios up to 4 people each.

LX Factory is a new creative center in Lisbon. This industrial venue was an old factory. Its 23.000 sqm are the base for many creative projects and businesses.

Oh... and thereĀ“s sea view to the Tejo river...


More at http://www.coworklisboa.pt

Or drop us a line to info@coworklisboa.pt


We offer a drop-in day at the bar + wireless access + all the coffee you can drink (at your own risk).