Coworking Antwerp@Winkelhaak

Sewing machines, drilling platforms, telescopes, houses, teaspoons, websites, books: products are conceivable (conception), can be made (production), usable (function), or they should be. They have been inspired and driven by a human, a local and a temporary context. Mutual relations are changing at all times, designers are continuously looking for a stable end product. According to the trend of globalizing communication, design becomes a way of thinking, an attitude towards the organization and the institution of our environment. The ‘design thinking’ reveals itself in a cultural-ambitious and analytical method for the development of products, companies, buildings and societies. The target group, the client, the consumer, the builder and/or the population are an immediate cause and purpose; their respective wishes, jobs and responsibilities are growing in quantity and quality and they think democratically along with us.

DESIGNCENTER | DE WINKELHAAK is a coworking space and community in Antwerp. We are designers, architects, graphic designers, web builders, copywriters, game developers, and more.  The structure of the building and the central passages on every level of the building are feeding the group spirit by the coincidental contact between the designers. Cross-pollinations arise between the different ideas and disciplines.  After all, major or international projects require a multi-disciplinary approach.  Normally one can not settle permanently in DESIGNCENTER | DE WINKELHAAK. That way the dynamics are guaranteed and the network is growing.


Winner “BELGIAN BUILDING AWARD 2003”, category “working environment”

Winner “PRIJS VOOR DE BOUWHEER 2003”, category “new buildings”


Nomination ‘PRIJS VOOR ARCHITECTUUR 2006’ by  the Province of Antwerp