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  • Chicago rates about $25/per sq. foot. A 2000 sq. foot space would run around $4K a month, probably close to 5K with other expenses.
  • Would want something large enough to accomodate 10-15 people regularly, as well as the ability to host larger events, meetings, etc.
  • Place close to colleges? - Not necessary, since college interest would probbaly be tepid (lots of cafes nearby for them.)
  • Majority of space open - use conference tables with chairs vs. desks. Promote conversation. more or less conducive to work?
  • Conference room (or 2) where people can have private meetings, host clients, etc.
  • Ultimately, demand drives need - if there are only 5 people interested, paying for 2000 sq. ft doesn't make much sense.
  • Perhaps start in a home, get the audience first.


Paying for it


  • Group of senior managers/partners - have an LP or non-profit structure, formal partnership agreements, etc?
  • Maybe don't cap the number of partners - if more people are willing to share responsibility and pay a little more, let them. Drives down costs for everyone, makes it less of a time burden on individual managers (there's always someone there.)
  • What would make the deal attractive for a partner? There's value in being able to work with other like-minded professionals, have some resources like wifi and printers, etc. BUT if it costs too much they'd probably just as soon work from home. What's that price point - for managers, for general members?
  • Say managers @ $400 a month each - less than an office elsewhere, might make sense. Costs drive down with more managers (but maybe not a direct correlation - if 5 managers are willing to pay $400, maybe ten are willing to pay $300 - put surplus into account to help pay for dry spells.
  • Members pay $50-100? What does that get them? Is there a limit on how often they can go? Probably not, but how do you articulate the benefit of being a manager vs. a member then?
  • What about investors/donors? What's the benefit to them? Free meeting space for hosting events perhaps?