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Page history last edited by Christine Prefontaine 11 years, 6 months ago

Projects Started in Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are hotbeds of creative activity. As one might expect, this naturally results in new projects and companies spawned by members in the middle of an inspirational kick.


This page exists to track some of the projects that were conceived in coworking spaces.




Date Space Project Name Description Founders/Creators Link
5/19/08 IndyHall  iSepta  User-centric mobile interface for Philadelphia's Reigional Rail system. Received a good deal of regional acclaim.  Randy Schmidt, Jason Tremblay, Chris Conley  http://www.isepta.org
6/27/08 IndyHall  RipIt Simple DVD ripping for Mac. Reports DVD fingerprints back to DiscIdent, a service like Gracenote CDDB for tracking DVD metadata.  Jason Allum, Johnny Bilotta, David Martorana, Jason Tremblay, David Speers  http://ripitapp.com/
3/19/08 IndyHall Two Guys On Beer Two guys, reviewing beer they love. No bullsh*t. Good fun. Go enjoy some beer. Johnny Bilotta, David Martorana http://www.twoguysonbeer.com
2/22/08 IndyHall MultiFirefox Run multiple versions/profiles of firefox on a single Mac. Awarded Apple downloads "staff pick" and Download.com front page placement. David Martorana http://codecontortionist.com/software/mac-osx-software/multifirefox/
7/3/08 IndyHall OMGPlzBFree mobile domain search, with all the glitter of a middle school girls' birthday party. 2nd generation may include streamlined registration Randy Schmidt, Jason Tremblay, Chris Conley http://omgplzbfree.com/
7/26/08 IndyHall FailCamp An event, based on the BarCamp model, where individuals and entrepreneurs are encouraged to embrace their Fail. Alex Hillman & Amy Hoy with inspiration by Tara Hunt's "losercamp" http://www.failcamp.org
03/07 P'unk Ave/IndyHall Junto Based on Ben Franklin's Junto, early rumblings of the IndyHall community formed with the guidance of the team from P'unk Avenue, a design firm in Philadelphia. This event has contuned to grow into it's own community of creative collaborative mutual improvment, on a once-a-month-ish basis. Alex Gilbert, Geoff DiMasi, Rick Banister http://www.junto.org
10/07 Jelly (NYC) CommandShift3 CommandShift3 is like Hot or Not, but for web sites. You are presented with the screenshots of two websites side by side. If you click the screenshot of the site you think looks best, the page reloads and you start all over again. It never ends. Dan Lurie, Lee Semel, Erin Sparling, Darrell Silver, Adam Varga and Amit Gupta http://commandshift3.com/
 9/11/2008  IndyHall  DiscIdent Think CDDB/Gracenote, but for DVD's. Built into RipItApp and the upcoming Mezzanine app,  Jason Allum  http://discident.com/
December 11, 2008 Station C, Montreal Artefatica Open publishing project. Christine Prefontaine, with help from Patrick Tanguay, Daniel Mireault, and Antoine Girard http://www.artefati.ca

Media / Blogs


  • Indy Hall Labs - A blog to track new ideas as they're born and developed at Independents Hall in Philadelphia.