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My Day Office

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Now Open in Belltown!


2820 Elliot Ave

Seattle Wa 98121






 Created for the Mobile Worker


telecommuter            entreprenuer


  business traveler          business start-up





                                         What is My Day Office?                                          


The workplace of the future is here! My Day Office is a hybrid workplace with a place to work that is right for everyone.

Comfy chairs, desks and cubicles, you choose how to work. We provide a variety of services in the hopes of providing not just a place to work but a valuable resource for assisting you with your work. Mailbox rentals, shipping services, fax, copy and printing. Staff support like a big company, with a personal feel. We offer various levels of membership that include unlimited access to certain workplace feautres and substantial discounted fees.




                                       What makes us unique?                                           



My Day Office is creating not just a place to work but a co-working community. For those that feel isolated in their home offices and enterprising minds who need a place to build their business, My Day Office wants to create an environment that inspires and motivates everyone's success. Equipped with a watercooler, events, and even talk of a softball team, My Day Office has all the benefits of work along side other with the freedom to be your own boss.







Shuana Brennan was a working mother who worked remotely for a company out of state. Working at home wasn't easy with two children, a dog who barks everytime the telephone rings and a messy, archaic home office. Executive suites were costly and had little flexibility or support. Coffee shops were noisy, cramped and not condusive to meeting clients for presentations. Born out of her own frustrations, Shauna set out to create a place that would allow mobile workers the freedom to be their own boss and the structure needed to get the job done. 




Visit our official website www.MyDayOffice.com!







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October 6, 2007: Just one week open and we were featured on the local news.



September 24, 2007: MY DAY OFFICE IS OPEN! We did it! Our first location is now open in Downtown

Seattle. A Spacious, modern place to work, meet clients and get your work done!

Congratulations My Day Office. You might want to put some good ol' plaintext info on this page about the facility and your services... and perhaps downsample the graphic, it's on the large size for informational wiki pages, and doesn't lend itself to the interactive Social Web conversation that the medium best supports. You might also think about including the word "coworking" somewhere on your website (it looks like you've taken a branding approach that might not be compatible?), and in the keywords. I look forward to visiting next month -- Raines Cohen, Coworking Coach


September 4th, 2007: Construction is almost finished and the paint is on the walls.


MDO Walls went up July 30th, 2007!!!! There has been a great response, several people have already joined and reserved the conference room

We are less than 60 days from Opening!


MDO was featured in the Seattle Post Intelligencer. http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/business/323777_officespace16.html