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Tuesday, 00 Month 2006 CoworkingManhattan @ EastMedia


About Hosts

EastMedia was founded in 1998 by Jeff Ng and a talented group of like-minded individuals. EastMedia is a multi-disciplinary technology and design company who possesses a common passion and vision for the rapidly evolving role and use of technology. As founders of the NYC Ruby on Rails user group, EastMedia is no stranger to open-source software and the independent developer community. EastMedia welcomes you to their office with open arms!



EastMedia's NYC office currently hosts 5 full time staff members, with 5 extra desks and a couch. As you can see in the flickr photos, space is a premium and noise levels should always be taken into consideration. As guests of EastMedia and as a courtesy to your fellow Coworkers, all information is to be discrete. We enter the space as friends looking to build a long term relationship with one another. Please be courteous and mindful of conversations. With ample eateries in the surrounding area, please plan accordingly for conference calls and meetings with clients. Per the request of EastMedia, when you enter the space you are subscribing to EastMedia's Coworking terms of use.


Also, since there are only 5 seats to start, please be mindful of your RSVP.




Please note, the office will be open for Coworking from 10 am to 6 pm.

144 W.37th Street, Suite 6A, New York, NY 10018

OnNYTurf Subway MAP



FREE, as in beer; treats are always welcomed.



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