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CoworkingVisa - New Jersey


Asbury Park, NJ


Contact Information:

Phone:       Bret/Danny/Nina (732) 701-9045

Email:        info@cowerking.com

Web:          www.cowerking.com

Twitter:     @cowerks


Jersey City, NJ (Greater New York City Area)


Contact Information:

Phone:       (201) 589-2068

Email:        info@indiegrovejc.com

Web:          http://www.indiegrovejc.com/

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/indiegrove

Twitter:     @indiegrove


> Across the street from PATH train to NYC

> Call or email to RSVP.  Must provide name and phone number of your coworking space and membership must be current.

> Up to 2 free days if you belong to another space listed on this page, then $25/day. 

> Members of spaces within 50 miles of Indiegrove do not qualify. 

> Meeting rooms are not included 


Somerset, NJ

  • JuiceTank Spaces - Located in Somerset, NJ - 220 Davidson Ave. Somerset, NJ


Contact Information :

Phone:       Zion (201) 916-0755

Email:       coworking@juicetank.com

Web:       www.JuiceTank.com

Twitter:       @JuiceTank


Union, NJ

Contact Information:

Phone:       Steve (908) 497-7790

Email:        info@convergenj.com

Web:          www.convergenj.com

Twitter:     @convergenj


  • Walking distance to Train
  • Child Care is in the building next door
  • The first one's always on us, as is the coffee


Membership verification: Email or call before arrival 


  • FLEET Coworking @ Time for business

Who/how to contact: Will (201)-663-6020 or will@fleetllc.com

Keep in mind: drop ins are always free

Membership verification: Email or call before arrival