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The Work Hub

The first coworking space and Tech hub in Saudi Arabia. With contemporary and flexible interiors, it's designed for over 40 space users and to host events and meetups for over 100 attendees. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups members, workers and university students are all welcome to join and have members benefits or drop-in on casual days. All coworking services (such as the fast Wifi, wide desks, meeting room, coffee & refreshments, lockers, .. etc) are provided to get the ideal atmosphere to get work done and/or engage with the community of similar-minded coworkers.. Of course, you are welcome either if you are an entrepreneur, a Tech savvy, a freelance lawyer, or a uni graduate looking for inspiration :)

Location: 10-11/ 2nd floor, 7292 King Abdulaziz Road, Ar Rabi District, Riyadh





The Kingdom Center (Regus)




For professionals and entrepreneurs, conducting business in the Middle East region can be a challenge. - Saudi Arabia is no exception. Having a dedicated space to work and network can make all the difference for success. The Regus business centre in Riyadh is the ideal setting for professionals to work in an open and creative environment. It affords the opportunity to work collaborate on projects. More private areas and meetings can be requested on demand. The business centre is on the 28th floor and the rest of the building has a top rated shopping Mall, a 5-star Four Seasons Hotel, including conference center and celebration hall. There is possibility of living in the building due to the luxurious residential apartments that give you access to a well equipped fitness center and a range of the finest international restaurants in the city are also in the building. Giving you a wide variety of options that can make the start-up or expanding procedures of your company less stressful for you and your family, if you are planning on living in Saudi Arabia. But if it's not your case and you are a mobile worker, the business centre offers day-offices, virtual offices or business lounges that can be used on short notice and for the time you need - a day, twice a week, a week or for an hour. These flexible and efficient products can make all the difference when you want to start or expand your business.


Contact Info:

Business Centre Riyadh Kingdom

28th Floor, Kingdom Centre, P.O .Box 230888, Riyadh, 11321 

Tel:  +966 11 211 8000

Fax: +966 11 211 8001 



Upscale Coworking space 

At UPSCALE innovation is a habit, brainstorming is a daily activity, and creativity imbeds itself in everything we do.

UPSCALE provides a new perspective, Whether working in our coworking space, attending one of our sessions, or receiving in-house Advisory services, UPSCALE creates an environment that fosters innovation and ideation. In a world where the only constant is change. UPSCALE helps our members develop creative habits that grooms them to become pioneers, ensuring they are setting the standards, & leading the competition.upscalepic6

Upscale is a collaborative coworking space that cares about connecting, advising & enabling creative individuals & entrepreneurs. We enable our members to excel by offering them basket of professional services that assists them in moving forward & navigate in the business world. We create a community of collaborative efforts, each in their area of expertise. We combine requirement and use scale of economy to offer our services with the best deals.

Precisely, We offer Technical support and professional business advisory for our members. We bring added-value. We encourage, incubate, advise, support & unleash potentials to for startups and SMEs to ignite in the business world.


What we offer:

We offer a variety of services designed to inspire innovation. we offer consulting  services & Advisory, Branding, Digital Marketing, Social media management, Web development, Mobile applications, cloud services, IT & Technical support in one Space.

Our coworking space offers a collaborative, engaging work environment that shares resources and ideas. We provide assistance to SMEs, Startups, Freelancers, Professionals to ensure sustainability & growth, bring fresh ideas to the brand, support in organizing, planning, Marketing, & promoting their services & products.

We operate as an incubator, creating value for the community through our members and through offering Mentorship & professional Business Advisory services.


We promote coworking in a collaborative environment, and act as an incubating space that is located in the Riyadh. Our intent is to connect people, place and purpose, all within the context of community through joining minds of experts together across different fields.

  • Advisory 

We’re engaging individuals and groups in collaborative and participatory processes to harness the power of creative intelligence and advise them. We believe that when people are engaged, great things can happen. we advise, mentor and lead our members towards further growth by helping in understanding the need, and proposing creative solutions on the table.

Our Advisory & Business Consultancy arm can help you start your project by advising in establishing financial planning, Marketing & Branding, also by supporting you in admin related issues. As part of that, we offer the following:

  1. Marketing Advisory
  • ·        Design Internal Corporate Communication services
  • ·        Digital Marketing
  • ·        Public Relations Advisory
  • ·        Branding & Social Media Marketing
  • ·        Design posters and Advertisement material
  • ·        Sales Support & Promotion
  1. Business Advisory
  • ·        Feasibility Study support
  • ·        Business Planning
  • ·        Budgeting, Costing & Financial Planning
  1. Strategy & Human Resource Management
  • ·        Strategy Development
  • ·        Human Resource Advisory
  • ·        Personnel Outsourcing (ONASC – BPO/HRO)
  • ·        Benefits, Attendance & Payroll (ONASC – BPO/HRO)


  • Enabling  

We enable people to better value of their ideas by use technology. We believe that by enabling people to grow into their full creative potential, we build resilience in our community and create energy for action. We support our members by offering technical resources with competitive values.We believe that Information technology is key in this century, and we can support by any of the following:

·        Assessing & Developing IT infrastructure.

·        Networking Services.

·        Software Development

·        Mobile Applications

·        Software Licensing

·        API integrations (Payments, GPS/Google API)

In addition to the above services, we offer a membership based Coworking Space, where members will get more than just desk space. They will benefit from an engaging environment, shared skills and resources, increased motivation, an expanded network of professional contacts, and sense of community.

They will also receive priority access to our classes, workshops, and social events. Sessions & Workshops. Our talented team will offer a variety of sessions and workshops on creative thinking, ideation techniques, problem reframing, presentation skills, project management, and big data visualization & many business related sessions.

Members interested in the co-working space as an environment, we offer the possibility for membership based desk for a flexible period of time, which also allows you to benefit from the different facilities Upcale can offer.

Basic services include: • WIFI connection, power • IT facilities • projector, flipcharts, printers, scanner, copying machine, bookbinder • Whiteboard, paper, furniture • Conference rooms, lounge, • Reading area • Water, coffee and snacks


Our Vision

To support the Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship, promote the culture where freelancers, SME's and entrepreneurs innovate and collaborate together to add value to the economy and the society. 


In a nutshell, we offer Space to Work, Space to Ignite. We assist individuals, Start-ups, Freelancers, SMEs in reducing their cost spent by sharing Expertise, infrastructure & Resources by outsourcing functions/tasks to experts in the respective area for a fraction of the cost, and more importantly to keep the cost variable and headcount flexible, to ensure revenue growth.

What We value:

  • A community which is the first source of inspiration, knowledge and support.
  • Introducing people to eachother and pointing them in the right direction. We don’t do their work.
  • Embrace and drive change.
  • Fun: we are adventurous, creative and open minded.
  • Open and honest relationships: we build a positive team and family spirit.
  • More with less.
  • Trust by default.
  • Advising each other.