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CoworkingParis, France

Page history last edited by Le Lab Coworking 5 years, 8 months ago


Le Lab Coworking: A coworking space in Paris! 25 work stations, 2 meeting rooms! Many services included!
Open: Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 7:30pm. 24/7 option.

More info & pictures : www.lelabcoworking.fr

Contact us: hello@lelabcoworking.fr / +
Space 2: 7 ter cour des peties écuries- Metro Bonne Nouvelle (L8 / 9), Chateau d'Eau (L4).





Much need and goodwill but no such place yet...


Paris community needs such a place. It is common sense and... place but none exists.

This page is aimed to gather people and document their effort to get a proper coworking place in Paris.




First ideas, first participants


At Silicon Sentier (http://www.siliconsentier.org) we express the need for an informal hi tech canteen in the center of Paris for a while.

We crossed people at FTR&D and Fing with the same conception.

One of our model for such a place in Paris is the Belleville Espace Public Numérique (http://wiki.crao.net/index.php?EpnBelleville)

We think it needs to be as open as possible to the public, delivering not only working space but also demo (showroom) and, of course, coffee and if possible wine and beer ;-)

We would like also to benefit from a room to make training for Paris citizens on our products and technologies and for people working in our companies.