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Panorama of CoworkingNYC



In addition to Jelly, we now have Coworking Manhattan @ EastMedia. Starting on Tuesday, 24 October, from 10 am - 6 pm, independents, writers, programers, artist, and the like, can mashup in the garment district for cross pollination of ideas and conversations.


How does this work??

On Tuesdays from 10am - 6pm, EastMedia has open their doors for 5 coworkers to work for FREE! To attend, you will need to RSVP to on the appropriate date below.


How to get involved??




144 W.37th Street, Suite 6A

New York, NY 10018

OnNYTurf Subway MAP



24 October 2006 - Tuesday

31 October 2006 - Tuesday

07 November 2006 - Tuesday

14 November 2006 - Tuesday

Sample page structure 00 Month 2006 - Day of Week


Interested in something more formal?

We are still working on a more formal space. If you are interested, please feel free to add your name to this list and we will contact you with updates.

# Name email
1 Noel Hidalgo noel (a/t) nonecknoel/dot/com
2 Darrel O'Pry dopry (a/t) thing/dot/net
3 Michael Nutt michael (a/t) nuttnet/dot/net
4 Ksenya Samarskaya info (a/t) samarskaya/dot/com
5 Edwin Woo edwinwoo (a/t) inetvisors/dot/com
6 Jack Cohen jack.cohen (a/t) yahoo/dot/com
7 Christopher St. John ckstjohn (a/t) gmail/dot/com
8 Rocky Kahn rocky (a/t) teampatent/dot/dom
9 Dawn C. Hayes takingitlocal (a/t) yahoo/dot/dom
10 Tom Traugott ttraugott (a/t) tishman/dot/com
11 Spiros Antonopoulos spiros (a/t) souljerky /dot/com
12 Mark Rothbaum rothbaum78 (a/t) yahoo/dot/com
13 Elliot Winard coworker (a/t) caveteen/dot/com
14 Lou Klepner lklepner (a/t) gmail/dot/com