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To create a classic Coworking space in the Lansing, MI area for (Per my cousin AutumnL's idea) this space would be both for entreprenuers and creatives (Artists, designers, filmakers, graphic artists, musicians).


The space could start out modest, and with entreprenuer and some creatives focus, for instance. Then equipment/facilities/amenities could be expanded as demand calls for them.


Possible resources


  • Highspeed wireless internet


  • Powerful linux workstations, loaded with Open source applications for graphic design, sound and video editing, publishing and layout, and more.


  • Whiteboards


  • In house projector


  • Web cameras, microphones for video conferencing


  • Open work areas, and private work areas


  • Lounge area


Space might also be available for band practice, recording sessions, studio space.


More Equipment ideas


  • Screen printing equipment has been discussed
  • Print on demand equipment has also been discussed


The idea of small kiosks for people to sell merchandise is also a consideration.







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