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327 Niagara St

Buffalo NY 14201 


Located on the West Side at Niagara and Virginia, we combine traditional office space with coworking spaces and shared common areas. 

Available office spaces range in price from $325 - $625

Coworking space starts at $10 a day (minimum 3-day commitment) up to $100/month for 24/7 access with a code and key.



The common area includes a fireplace, window seats and a cushy sofa.  There's a kitchen we share and a conference room that you can book for meetings and presentations.


 We are a short walk from City Hall and the Convention Center, and Chippewa and Allen are both a 15 minute walk away. 

Current tenants include:

We are looking to grow our community of like-minded and supportive entrepreneurs.  Come, look and see that this space is just what you need to break out of that coffee shop or home-office you've been trapped in.  Give the spare room back to your spouse!