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Greetings from Colombia!


The country. Yes, the last hidden gem of the Americas. Believe me, the opportunity here is unequaled. Grant Canary and I, Ryan Mykita, are here developing an environmental design business - BioSystems Design. A BioSystem successfully transforms waste from one process into a valuable product for another process. Colombia is overwhelmingly rich in natural resources and full of educated, great people. The food and lifestyle are also amazing! Anyhow, we would like to make ourselves available to coworkers who pass by Colombia, or who have ever thought of calling Colombia home. We know our stuff, and can be of great help. In the meantime, we have a pair of houses here where we invite internationals to get set-up and start integrating into the professional/social life of the city. We work right in line with the philosophy of coworking, making it only natural that we open up for all.


Please get in touch with me regarding all things Colombia...We can offer support and a great space to cowork!


Un Abrazo,


Ryan Mykita



ryan.mykita - SKYPE