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Seeking other independent workers who might be looking to get out, have occasional human interaction, and share a space in the center of Barcelona. We do design and front-end web developement. One day, a few months ago, through fortuitious surfing, I arrived here and have thought about participating ever since. Today I've decided to take the first step and wait to see if anyone out there would like to initiate meeting and chatting about developing a coworking spot in this great town.


In LA (although I must say I'm not originally from LA!) we set up a gallery/shared office space and it was really fun. We had openings about once a quarter and were lucky to create a nice hang out spot for our neighbors. I dabble in some very analog things, too, like letterpress and screen printing - and my partner is an illustrator. Much of our professionial work is for web, though. I look forward to hearing from others in Barcelona sharing a similar situation.



Okapi Creative


I have an attractive office space in central Barcelona, and I'm look looking for people to share it with. Take a look at the web site Barcelona office.