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ASRS Brainstorming

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 2 months ago

Random brainstorms




  • Search the AirlineSeatReservationSystem by time/availability...
    • I come in and say "This is when I want to come to the cafe". --> Calendar View
  • Search by a specific seat...
    • "I really like that one particular seat by the window and I don't care when I come in -- I just want that seat!"
  • Search by scenario...
    • I don't care when I come in next week but I need to get a bunch of seats together (or I need certain amenities).



Showing availability


  • by date
  • by seat
  • by amenities
  • by blocks (multiple seats)
  • by persona favorites (?)


Admin view


  • able to configure a space on the fly:
    • add seats
    • add partitions
    • add reserved seats
    • create walls
    • configure seats/amenities
    • set prices
    • set free space zone


Service offerings/features


  • waitlist
  • leverage profitable seating layouts (by getting stats over time)
  • topical hookups -- tag yourself and find collaborative clusters (overlays with icons -- i.e. occupation, interests, skills)
  • tap into linkedin to fill out your profile
  • provision resources based on usage... heat, power, a/c, bandwidth
  • bidding on seats -- free market (monthly)
  • 24 hour trading
  • maximize popular identities
  • there's value in being able to sit next to cool people
  • possible to allow secondary markets... i.e buy a cool seat and resell it on craigslist
  • ratings per seat and per person (loudness, a/c, view, etc)
  • social incentives (moral, economic, social)
  • rules and agents working for you