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Mallorca - Coworking Santanyi

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Santanyí • Mallorca


Cowork with the expats Doris & Rainer • languages spoken English - German - Spanish


We offer a boutique coworking space in a charming townhouse with courtyard and fibre-optics Internet (600 Mbps sym.)

As the amount of seats is limited, please check availability with us in advance (eMail / reservation form).

Trainings & groups are possible (max. 14 persons).

Coworking Visa: 3 free days (one day per week; membership verification is required) 


How to contact: hallo @ rayaworx .eu 

More details:

Rayaworx Coworking Mallorca - english

Rayaworx Coworking Mallorca - espanol 

Rayaworx Coworking Mallorca - deutsch 


Love to welcome you to the beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea!