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We are Pickspace - The Global Coworking Space Directory.

Our company began with two entrepreneurs who believed that people should do what they love to do and in a place that inspires them. Along the way we have discovered the amazing world of coworking spaces, a communal place for freelancers, startups, and other entrepreneurs to work collaboratively.

Pickspace has realized that the coworking environment makes you happier and more productive. Research shows that working is more enjoyable in an active and inspiring environment. Therefore, coworking is the future!

Since Pickspace believes in the ideals of coworking, we decided to take action and lead the revolution.

Pickspace gathers the best coworking space and office space from around the world into one place and helps people find the best workspace for them.

The Pickspace marketplace provides a platform that helps entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and companies find the workspace that best fits their needs - by hour, day, month, year or longer.

How Do We Do It?

  • We gather all coworking space and office space into one place.
  • Pickspace presents a sophisticated recommendation engine based on user preference, which enables users to discover the perfect space that matches their exact needs.
  • We learn which office you want and we personalize your search results.
  • Pickspace has also taken a closer look into coworking space needs in order to find out what kind of coworkers will be the best match for the office space.

In addition to the main website, we’ve developed sophisticated coworking space products:

·Pickboard - unique coworking space management system which enables coworkingspace

·Pickspace Card Enables people to use all of the coworking spaces in Pickspace's worldwide community - with our online Pickspace card. 

·Spacebook - Pickspace Community App- A sophisticated machine learning based app that enables coworking spaces to run and manage thriving communities with their members. 

See you soon with more innovations, sophisticated features and new locations!

To learn more about coworking, click here.