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Idea Factory

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Idea Factory provides hot-benches, private workshops and meeting bases for industrial co-workers in the creativity industry.
Idea Factory為自由/創意工作者提供個理想的共享工作空間、私人工作室和會議空間。


Our Community



Being a member of the Idea Factory, you will immediately have access to a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, start-ups and even designers in the creativity industry. The Idea Factory provides the perfect networking ecosystem that could provide you business solutions and to even help you achieve rapid growth.

甫踏入Idea Factory,您就會感受到Idea Factory是一個充滿活力的一個社區,由創意企業家,初創企業甚至設計師,透過集思廣益以至建立聯繫,令您的業務快速增長。


Our Location



We offer members hot-benches and private workshops in the heart of Tuen Mun. A 3-minute walk takes you to Tuen Mun MTR station from Idea Factory. Further, the Hong Kong International Airport and Shenzhen are less than half an hour away.

Idea Factory尤其適合需要經常外遊的自由工作者。對外,香港國際機場甚至深圳灣都只是半小時車程;而對內,步行至屯門港鐵站和市中心都只不過是三分鐘和十分鐘。


Our Facilities




  • 私人儲物箱
  • 高速無線網絡
  • 24小時保安系統
  • 24小時隨時出入(只限持私人工作室一個月通行證者)

  • Lockers,

  • High-speed Wi-Fi,

  • 24 hours Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems, and

  • 24/7 unlimited access (For Private Workshop Monthly Package holders only).



The best thing is they are all inclusive in all packages!


If you have any inquiries, please call (852) 2464 9333 during office hour or send it to ideafactory.bmm@gmail.com.

如有任何查詢,請於辦工時間內致電(852) 2464 9333 或電郵 ideafactory.bmm@gmail.com


If you want to book online, please visit https://idea-factory.cobot.me/