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Majoran Adelaide - Majoran.co 

Level 2, 14 Grenfell St. Adelaide


Majoran is not just any shared work space, it’s a network of Adelaide's independent, creative and collaborative people. It's a place for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and teams. It’s one place in Adelaide where we get what you’re trying to achieve and we want to help you get there. 

We connect you to who and what you need to get you to the next level. Work on your idea and we'll help you grow.

What do you get at Majoran:

  • A community manager who plays an essential role connecting you to the people and resources you need
  • 24/7 access so you can work when you want
  • Bookable private meeting rooms
  • Regular learning and social events
  • Printing, scanning and faxing
  • Private desks and shared team rooms
  • Super fast WiFi network
  • Event space