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CoworkingLaPorte, IN

Page history last edited by J.D. Flynn 4 years, 8 months ago


LaPorte, IN is not known as a "tech hub" by any means despite the proximity to Purdue North Central, Valparaiso University, and Notre Dame.  J.D. Flynn didn't believe that it was as much of a tech desert as it appeared and, after consulting with Eric Zosso of Zoseco Coworking in Valparaiso, IN, decided it was time to give LaPorte's technical/creative community a place to call their own and to pull them out of the woodwork and into the spotlight in the "Hub of Awesome."

Due to its proximity to Chicago and South Bend, IN, it is not uncommon for people to commute upwards of 90 minutes each way to find a development job or to find a remote job that allows them to work from home.  J.D. worked in Chicago for about a year before the 3 hour a day commute finally took its toll and caused him to seek a remote job.  Working from home seemed great, but there were distractions and a difficult time separating work life from home life.  This inspired him to check out local coworking spaces, but there weren't any within 30-45 minutes.

Believing that he couldn't be the only one suffering from this distance issue, and seeing a lack of a support network for freelancers and entrepreneurs, J.D. decided it was time to bring a coworking space to LaPorte and Open Door Coworking was born.



Contact: J.D. Flynn

Meetup groups

La Porte is not known for meetups, but there is one getting started



          1705 State St, Building A
          La Porte, IN 46350
          Now accepting new members